About the Movement (Party) Constitution

Constitution of England, Take Back Control (Movement, Party)


Primary Objective – Take Back Control.

  1. The Rule of Law, Common Law – No Loss, No Harm, No Injury.
  2. Peacefully take back our Country (candidate – resides) England, Scotland, Wales, NI via the Ballot Box, Press the Reset Button.
  3. Honour our Oath set out below.
  4. Deploy nonpoliticians in constituencies that agree with our constitution.
  5. Once ALL of our objectives and commitments are complete ensure that all FOUR Nations have full autonomy under their own Parliaments and a solemn bond of nationhood, freedom and liberty is created in the spirit of Peace, Brotherhood and in perpetuity, as per the Magna Carta 1215, the Declaration of Rights and the Bill of Rights 1688/9.

Secondary Objectives – Re-establish the foundation of the English Constitution.

  1. Vote in Parliament – Authorise an expedient inquiry into perjury of oath by those previously elected and those not elected but have sworn oaths, purpose to prosecute Treason.
  2. Vote in parliament – Outlaw treasonous organisations and any affiliated groups.
    1. The Fabian Society
    2. The Muslim Brotherhood
    3. Chatham House
    4. Common Purpose
    5. Additional seditious and or pernicious groups
  3. Begin the proceedings of Treason against the English Constitution, by those identified at SO1.

The third objective – implement what we were sworn by oath and elected to do.

  1. Fully implement the Six Star Movement
  2. Vote for a referendum on the Hong Kong Tax System (AKA the Addington Act 1803-1909 extracts of)
  3. A referendum on the abolition of a Central Bank and implementation of the Currency and Notes Act 1914 (AKA the Bradbury Pound).
  4. Deploy Direct Democracy to allow subjects to propose policies and to have those policies implemented.

Chairman – David Russell (Sargent at Arms, AKA party whip)

Party Secretary – Stephan Lang

The Leader – Graham Moore

Local campaigns, candidates are chosen locally and must have a reasonable knowledge of our constitutional rights so that they will never allow those rights to be infringed by any proposed statute. Final approval of candidates is via the Leader as nominator.

Elections will take place for Leader, Chairman and Secretary once the objectives are fully complete.

All three swear an oath intended to uphold our Constitution and implement taking back control for the People, Liberty, Freedom and Rights of the individual as God intended,

1st August 2017

England, Takes Back Control (Party) has applied for registration as a political party in Great Britain.

England, Take Back Control (Party) shall field candidates in constituencies for parliamentary elections in Great Britain.

England, Take Back Control (Party) will take applications via our website(s) and they are to be selected on knowledge of The Constitution of England and their acceptance of the England, Take Back Control (party) constitution. The nominations Officer, Party Leader, give the Final Authority.

Graham Moore, David Russell and Stephen Lang have responsibility for office procedures, term of office is fixed until objectives are complete, in the event of death of an official, the position will be filled by secret ballot via the website of any individual that fully supports England, Take Back Control (Party) constitution and is approved by surviving officials. Officials or Officers cannot resign as they have sworn an oath which cannot be resigned.

The three-party Offices, Chairman, Leader and Secretary will take the decisions. From time to time we may ask supporters for opinions on private and no private polls via the internet. These may be private, in which case a password shall be given to access the web page and poll.

There is no official membership but donations and suggestions are accepted from supporters.

The constitution can only be changed by agreement of the three Party Officials and we may ask supporters advice, we may not.

England, Take Back Control (Party) has been formed to take back control of the people; once the three objectives have been attained the party will be dissolved within 5 years of completion. If any objective fails at any time in the future, we reserve the right to resurrect the Party and Constitution to rectify the failure.

The Judges of attainment will be the elected MPs, Chairman, Leader, Secretary (and or ) candidates of England, Take Back Control (Party) and will be polled via the internet, phone, or any other medium of our choosing,

England, Tack Back Control (Party) Financial year End is 31/12 England, Take Back Control (Party) Press the Reset Button.

Six Star Movement:

Value is about Location, Location, Location and England will be the best Location for family life in the world with these 6 steps. #SixStarMovement

1. It would be better for England if our politicians weren’t career politicians with no business skills, no job creation skills, no life experience. It would be better if those who stand for election had work and life experience of those you seek to represent. The primary goal of any politicians should be the interests of the People, not a party, not self-interest. We should adopt a system where politicians get paid not by salary but on results and the quality of life of the people improve. If they fail us, we don’t pay them the bonuses. Let’s see how many would step up to the plate, things would soon change for the better.

All MPs and Lords should pass a test on UK constitutional law. If they fail they cannot be selected.

2. England must NEVER be split into regions, ever.

3. Proportional representation, preferably MMP (Mixed Member Proportional).

• It is the fairest system in the world, you win by votes, not by area.

4. The monetary system that exists today is a fraud on the people, money creation must be created by the government and the people, not private banks. The fractional reserve system (current banking system) is a major fraud on the working people of this Country.

• Value and Wealth are distinct from each other.

  • Value is our sweat, blood and tears. It is a fair society for all, infrastructure, industry, education, health system (NHS), care for the elderly, care for disabled, care for veterans.
  • Wealth is creating an environment for jobs, environmental sustainability, opportunity
  • Policing by consent means politics stay out of policing
  • Bradbury pound. I have called it Public Sector Pound (PSP). It has nothing to do with the outside world, it is English money for those who live and work in England. The Currency and Notes Act 1914.

5. A tax system that works and is proven to work that is proportional and progressive to a max of 17% or optional flat rate. Simplified English tax system, whereas our current system, is 11500 pages and rising. This system is NOT taken at source but donated.

6. The bill of rights 1688/9 must be honoured as well as the other 14 constitutional treaties and Common Law for the UK and a completely independent English Parliament. We need the constitutional laws which were and are agreed upon, maintained and respected.

  • The protection of children; abuse of children must be the “ultimate crime”.
  • An allegiance to England no matter what a person colour, religion, atheism or sexuality.
  • Politics cannot be part of any religion and religion can play no part in politics.
  • Justice cannot be part of any religion and must be struck out.
  • War and violence must not be encouraged by “any” religion.
  • No religion may subvert or attempt to subvert human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights and animal rights.
  • No form of political correctness should subvert free speech.
  • No form of political or religious subversion may take place in educational establishments (pre, infants, primary, secondary, college, training or University).

I am not lying to you!  Nor were these MPs. Watch!